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Thanks for appreciating my music!

Steve Grams on Jamendo“I would like to thank all the fans of my music especially the jamendo community for 30.000 Plays and 130 beautiful reviews on my music. Thank you so much for your support, buying my CDs and using my music for so many projects!

My music helps me to discover and handle my feelings, emotions and dreams. I’m glad if it does the same for you. Thank you all for your positive feedback!”

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Steve Grams’ “Blackout Light On” released!

“Blackout Light On” is an album about hope, regeneration and things we don’t realize when darkness surrounds us. There’s no shadow without light. Just close your eyes and find it!

Completely written, performed and produced by Steve Grams.

Copyrights by Steve Grams

Creative Commons - Rights Reserved

Second Album Release Date

I’ve finished recording my second album which is called “Blackout Light On”. The new album contains several intrumental songs, but this time you can also expect music with lead and backing vocals.

Die Aufnahmen zu meinem zweiten Album namens “Blackout Light On” sind nun abgeschlossen. Auf diesem sind neben einigen Instrumentalstücken zum ersten mal auch Songs mit Gesang zu finden.

Release date set for September 04, 2010


Watch out for Steve Grams’ Blackout Light on!