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Feel free to share!

I just want to share my musical journey, full of emotions, hopes and dreams, with as many people I can. Music always helped me through life and inspired me every single moment! Hopefully my music can do something good for someone, somewhere…

Feel free to share my music with your friends, burn it on cd or use it in your own projects, YouTube videos, podcasts, websites, movies, etc., as long as you give me proper credit. It helps me sharing my music with the world and I’ll be able to take a look at your work (Yes, I would love to see you artwork!).

Need your help, please!! There are some little things you can do for my music (… remember, it’s free!):

– “like” it on facebook
– please link to my website
– share my songs, news, etc.
– use my music and give credit
– every feedback is welcome!

Thank you very, very much!!!

Need a commercial license?

Yes, you can also license my music for commercial purposes!

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