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  • Steve Grams - Blackout Light On [Album]

    “A good remedy - There are days in life where even our strongest beliefs get so badly shaken that... well, I just begin to wonder. Luckily, I know that I can rely on music, good music such as this one in here to help renewing the lost energy. This is in fact good music, not a remedy but, it's also good as... believe me.”

     Carybe Jamendo

  • Steve Grams - Blackout Light On [Album]

    “More Delivered than Promised - Steve Grams is a skillful pianist. He performs with technical ability fused with emotion and this makes his compositions similar to such masters as Ferrante & Teicher. "Blackout Light On" continues this tradition and carries it further with vocalizations and electric guitar accompaniment reminiscent of 80s Soft Rock heard in Track #2. "You Will Be Loved" and Track #8. "Where Are You Now". A wisp of New Age keyboard (Yanni and John Tesh) style is found in Track #3. "A New Life With Me" (Album Version) and Track #5. "Connected". Title track, "Black Light On" completes the circle merging all of the aforementioned influences.
    Play this album some twilight evening when a gentle rains begins to fall and lose yourself in the magic that is Steve Grams.”

     RangerSeriesBlack Jamendo

  • Steve Grams - An Island Beyond Reality [Album]

    “Awesome ... This is a beautiful album - I believe that music is a universal language that everyone understands, but I also believe that all music has a story to tell, and this beautiful compilation goes through all emotions ... from "No Weep" to "New Hope" ... from "Beyond Reality" to "Electric", in fact all the tracks on this album has it's own unique story to tell ... Truly - A fantastic album.This musical epic ends with:- "Sunrise at Noon" - A very happy ending.”

     tobytutz Jamendo

  • Steve Grams - An Island Beyond Reality [Album]

    “Dear Steve, I like your rock stylistics at the piano. It sounds wonderful. Which one it takes time I know myself, good music should be emotional and honest. That you do wonderful present. It´s absolutely great job. Many many thanks to the nice Honor for me. God may protect you. Love and peace”

     PRONTOMUSIC Jamendo

  • Steve Grams - You Will Be Loved (S.V.P. Mix)[Single]

    “Das hat Gänsehautpotential! Ein Mann, der alles an Gefühl in seine Pianotasten und diese smoothe Stimme legt. Unfassbar melodisch, melancholisch, wunderschön und verträumt. Definitiv dazu gedacht den Hörer auf die Reise ins Innere mitzunehmen. Alles auf das Wesentliche reduziert, so sollte es sein! Präzise, prägnant und ohne Schnörkel.”

     Cordula BeSonic

  • Steve Grams - Blackout Light On [Album]

    “Frais et délicat - "blackout light on" est vraiment un très bon album. Tout d'aboor, le tire ainsi que la pochette de l'album sont vraiment très réussi et donnent le ton. "you will be loved" est exellent avec ce léger chant aux paroles voilées. Vraiment très bon, à la fois frais, délicat et prenant. "the best line" version piano est tout simplement exquise à l'instar d'un doux dessert sucré. Savoureux !!!”

     yris Jamendo

  • Steve Grams - An Island Beyond Reality [Album]

    “Absolutely Beautiful and Awesome - What a lovely album...14 Compositions so beautifully performed and skillfully arranged taking you on a musical journey through valleys of sadness and despair, over long plateaus of melancholy and determination, to finally climb to heights of hope and joy. I am so happy to have found my way to your music, Steve. ”

     SelkieSong Jamendo

  • Steve Grams - An Island Beyond Reality [Album]

    “Inspiring & Full of Grace - This album really takes me away to a happy place - far far away from the everyday stresses of life. A graceful and inspiring journey of soft, graceful, enchanting music. It lifts and soars pulling the listener in to a place of calm and quiet and introspect. It tugs at my heart. When I close my eyes, I feel as if I am at nature's sunlit altar surrounded by something divine - just out of reach. Thank you Steve for this beautiful and sensual gift of your music.”

     sle335 Jamendo

  • Steve Grams - An Island Beyond Reality [Album]

    “"New Hope" is a song that will stay with me for a long time. Evoked in me old memories, fragments of life that I thought, now, unreachable.Thank you. Musically we face a deep and sensitive work, a novel made of music, of light, of strong emotions. Good work, to listen to sitting behind a window at sunset, facing the sea, or in a large meadow in the sun, or on top of a mountain... ”

     Livio Amato Jamendo

  • Steve Grams - Blackout Light On [Album]

    “Wonderful music - In each track there are very strong feelings that you take the mind and heart. Fantastic scenery like a fairy tale. Romanticism, classicism, delicacy, charm all in compositions made with great style and grandiose. A great soul artist who can convey their sensitivity and hit in the spirit of the listener. The album contains songs that have a fascinating musical dimension to distinguish who know this amazing musician with personality and originality. Steve Grams wonderful music!”

     Rino Batterra Jamendo


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