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Hello everyone out there! Unfortunately, there was much to do in the last few months and I owe you some updates. As an amateur musician, I would like to have more time composing new songs, but the precious time still flows into other important things …

Nevertheless, I have worked on new musical projects, too. I had the great opportunity to produce a part of the score for a documentary film and recently written a new piano ballad for the early birth of my daughter. This song along with bonus material will be published the day of her birth, in July 2013.

And… some days ago I had an interview with the great RottenPlaces Magazine about my album “The Mystery Of Lost Places Inside”. It should be in the next issue, I’ll tell you in time.

New Videos: I am delighted discovering a lot of new short films with my music again. Moreover, many of my songs have been licensed for commercial projects. Thanks that you have chosen my music! A small selection of new videos can be found here soon.

Videos from around the world

Surprise of summer 2012: A significant number of new videos in which my songs were used. It is also very interesting to me that these are clips from a variety of topics. I am grateful to the creators of these projects that you have found your way to my music. Of course, I’ve watched all the videos and I’m very proud that my music could accompany these great projects. Most of the clips are available on YouTube and Vimeo. A listing can be found in the video section, here on

Official Website up and ready

Just a quick update for those who don’t already know. The official Steve Grams Website is online now. Please feel free to have a look around, check out downloads, lyrics, pictures, videos, background information and find out more about my music. The site ( also includes a new RSS news feed.