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Music Composition for Documentary Film

“Nacht der Revanche” is a german documentary about Europe’s biggest 24 hour race in Duisburg, Germany. A spectacular mountain biking event with thousands of spectators, sporting excellence and a unique setting.

Maik Große Lochtmann was with 6 camera teams on site to capture this magical experience for his action-packed documentary. Renowned professionals of German television have contributed to this film (including the voice of Volker Wolf (Vox). The greater was the honor that the director, screenwriter and producer Lochtmann (WDR) hired me to compose the music for his film. At this point a big thank you for the trust and this great opportunity.

Official Movie Website:

Music Composition: Steve Grams & Sven Feller

Now get your popcorn ready and enjoy the movie!!!

Beautiful Timelapse Film

“The beauty of Tenerife” is a timelapse film by Uli Fehr about the clouds and starry sky of Tenerife – an island in the Atlantic Ocean. It’s the biggest of the seven Canary Islands and place of countless national and natural parks, monuments and protected landscapes.

Music by Steve Grams (“No Weep” and “Getaway”); Additonal BTS-Shots and Videos with “Swansong” from Josh Woodward.


Hello everyone out there! Unfortunately, there was much to do in the last few months and I owe you some updates. As an amateur musician, I would like to have more time composing new songs, but the precious time still flows into other important things …

Nevertheless, I have worked on new musical projects, too. I had the great opportunity to produce a part of the score for a documentary film and recently written a new piano ballad for the early birth of my daughter. This song along with bonus material will be published the day of her birth, in July 2013.

And… some days ago I had an interview with the great RottenPlaces Magazine about my album “The Mystery Of Lost Places Inside”. It should be in the next issue, I’ll tell you in time.

New Videos: I am delighted discovering a lot of new short films with my music again. Moreover, many of my songs have been licensed for commercial projects. Thanks that you have chosen my music! A small selection of new videos can be found here soon.