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Steve Grams is a music composer from Germany. His music ranges from orchestral soundtracks to relaxing, meditative New Age Pop Music and melodic rocksongs. The listener can expect music with melancholy and playful melodics that tell an emotional story, inspiring instrumental music and compositions varying in different genres. All of his songs are written, produced and mastered in self-production.

Steve was born in Osterode at the Harz, Germany on March 18, 1976 and lives with his family in the countryside. He began making music at the age of 5 with improvised instruments and two cassette recorders (“I was recording an instrument with one while playing back the first recording on the other tape recorder and so on…”). Years later he took some guitar and keyboard lessons.

In February 2010 he released his first complete album “An Island Beyond Reality” with instrumental songs. His music’s popularity took him by surprise. “My music helps me to discover and handle my feelings, emotions and dreams. I’m glad if it does the same for you. Thank you all for your positive feedback and reviews on my music!”

Only 6 months later he finished recording his second album which is called “Blackout Light On”. The album contains several intrumental songs, but this time you can also expect music with lead and backing vocals. “I hope you like my new album which is very personal. It’s about hope, regeneration and things we don’t realize when darkness surrounds us. There’s no shadow without light. Just close your eyes and find it!”

In December 2010 he received a Silver Auddy Award from Uplaya Music Universe for his song “Where Are You Now (Duet with Tanja)”.

The premium version of the second album was released in January 2011 worldwide in all major online music markets such as iTunes, Amazon & Co.

In September of 2011, Steve Grams conquer the international “BeSonic pop charts” with his single release “You Will Be Loved” for several weeks.

In the following months, and to this day there were numerous publications of short films, documentaries, commercials, and private video clips with licensed music by Steve Grams. His music was well received at various international music platforms and small online radio stations.

After a health forced break Steve was back in the studio to work on his third album, “The Mystery of Lost Places Inside”, inspired by forgotten places inside his mind and lost places in the world around you. A movie-like Soundtrack with the sound of mystery and adventure. After the release in November 2012, the new album had thousands of downloads in the first weeks and became popular within the Geocaching- and Urban Exploration community.

2013 became a very successful year for his music. It was mentioned in several broat- and podcasts and Steve had an interview with the german RottenPlaces Magazine, which results in an two-page article (Issue 2/2013).

In Summer 2013 Steve Grams had the opportunity to produce a part of a film score for the documentary “Nacht der Revanche” by Maik Große Lochtmann (German Director, Producer & Screenwriter/ WDR).

Steve is currently working on his fourth album.

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